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Talk session agenda Moderator: Kenya HARA / Sadao TSUCHIYA

Mar. 2|Sat|13:00-14:30Hiroshi SUGIMOTO Modern artist × 千 宗屋 茶人
16:00-17:30Sou FUJIMOTO Architect
3Sun|13:00-14:30Collection 2013 satellite Junya ISHIGAMI Architect × Kenya HARA Designer
16:00-17:30Toyo Ito Architect
4|Mon|17:00-18:30Katsuhiko HIBINO Artist
18:45-20:00Yoshikazu NANGO sociologist × Kozo KADOWAKI Architect Lecturer of Meiji University × Yoshikuni SHIRAI Casa BRUTUS associate editor
5|Tue|16:00-17:30 Kenmei NAGAOKA Representative of D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT
18:00-19:30 TSUTAYA BOOKS × Real Tokyo Estate
6|Wed|18:00-19:30Shinsuke ITO Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ・Akihiko HOSHI Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism × Honda・HITACHI・Tsunagu
7|Thu|17:30-18:30 Go HASEGAWA Architect
19:00-20:00 Hiroshi NAITO Architect
8|Fri|18:00-19:30 TOTO・YKK AP × Yuri NARUSE Architect・Jun INOKUMA Architect
9|Sat|13:00-14:30Kengo KUMA Architect
16:00-17:30Sumitomo Forestry Akira ICHIKAWA Chairman and president × Hiroshi SUGIMOTO Modern artist
10Sun|16:00-17:30MUJI Life Institute × Real Tokyo Estate × Yoshihiko OSHIMA Architect
11|Mon|18:00-19:30LIXIL Yoshiaki FUJIMORI Chairman and President
schedule being adjusted.Riken YAMAMOTO Architect・Kengo KUMA Architect・Yuri NARUSE Architect・Jun INOKUMA Architect
12|Tue|18:00-19:30MUJI Masaaki KANAI Chairman and President × Shigeru BAN Architect
13|Wed|18:00-19:30TOSHIBA・ROHM × takram × Michitaka HIROSE Professor of University of Tokyo
14|Thu|18:00-19:30Shunji YAMANAKA Product Designer Professor of Keio University × Makoto TANIJIRI Architect
15|Fri|16:00-17:00Ryuji FUJIMURA Architect
18:00-19:30 MEC eco LIFE・Mitsui Fudosan Residential・Nomura Real Estate Development × Toshiharu NAKA Architect
16|Sat|13:00-14:30Kazuhiko NAMBA Architect
16:00-17:30Riken YAMAMOTO Architect × Hirokazu SUEMITSU Architect × Toshiharu NAKA Architect
17Sun|13:00-14:30MISAWA HOMES A Project × Keigo KOBAYASHI Architect × Hiromasa SHIRAI Architect × Yutaro TOMII Editor
16:00-17:30 Yuri NARUSE Architect・Jun INOKUMA Architect × Hirokazi SUEMITSU Architect
18:00-19:30 Honda × Sou FUJIMOTO Architect
18|Mon|13:00-16:00HOUSE VISION in Asia × Shin MURAMATSU Architectural historian × Masataka BABA Architect × Akihisa HIRATA Architect
19|Tue|18:00-19:30Masataka BABA Architect × Yoshiyuki KAWAZOE Architect・President of Kawazoe Laboratory, University of Tokyo × Hiroshi NISHIMURA Architect
20|Wed|16:00-17:30Koichi SUZUNO・Shinya KAMURO TORAFU ARCHITECTS × Cassinaixc Yasuhiro MORI Chairman
18:00-19:30Ryuji NAKAMURA Architect × Akihisa HIRATA Architect
21|Thu|18:00-19:30Suntory Midorie Norio KANAYAMA Chairman and President × Makoto AZUMA Flower Artist
23|Sat|13:00-14:00Hidetoshi OHNO Architect
15:30-16:30Tsukamoto YOSHIHARU Architect・Representative of atelierBow-Wow
Seeking volunteers!

Get up close and personal with architects and artists in an exhibition of unprecedented scope and diversity. Experience the shifting boundaries of industry, firsthand. Join our House Vision 2013 Tokyo volunteer team.
*Volunteers in the Japan Home must be able to speak Japanese.

◉ScheduleMar 2 (Sat) – Mar 24 (Sun), 2013
◉DescriptionGuides (Directions to, from and inside venue, and to each exhibition)
Clerks (Ticket Booth sales and admissions)
Assistants (Assist organizers in exhibition duties)
◉CompensationPer Diem for local transportation (up to 1,000Y) and meals (up to 1,000Y)
Copy of House Vision 2013 Tokyo Exhibition (March Release)
Complimentary Admission (3 tickets per person)
◉How to ApplyIf interested in applying for volunteer positions at House Vision 2013 Tokyo Exhibition, please email us at supporter@house-vision.jp with the following information. A representative will get back to you shortly.
1 Full Name2 Affiliation
3 Address4 Mobile Number
5 Availability-Schedule6 Reasons for Applying
Nippon Design Center/Hara Design Institute
Address: Tokyo, Chuo-ku Ginza 4-9-13/ Tel: 03-6264-0330

Enjoy a warm meal while you browse through our bookstore.

Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore brings approximately 3,000 books to its satellite store at the House Vision Main Hall. You can browse through an exhaustive collection of home and architecture related titles rich in information, selectively presented by a library concierge. You’ll also find Starbucks Coffee and Gentaro Soba kiosks by the entrance of the main hall. Order hot coffee or warm noodles and enjoy your meal inside the bookstore.image_shop

Affiliate Events At The Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore

Exhibition Director Kenya Hara will hold talk sessions with product designers, editors and architects at the Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore every Saturday, beginning February 16. Conversations will focus on the many ways “Home” has become the intersection of various industries.

1 “Houses in Japan”DateFeb 16th|Sat| 18:00-19:30
GuestFumie Shibata product designer
ModetrarorKenya Hara
2 “Making home”DateFeb 23th|Sat| 18:00-19:30
GuestYoshikuni Shirai Casa BRUTUS chief editor
ModetrarorKenya Hara
3 “Edited House”
~RealTokyoEstate×TSUTAYA BOOKS theme of HOUSE VISION exhibition~
DateMarch 9th|Sat| 19:00-20:30
GuestMasataka Baba・Atsumi Hayashi・Hiroya Yoshizato RealTokyoEstate
ModetrarorKenya Hara
4 “Live with new common sense”DateMarch 16th |Sat| 19:00-20:30
GuestYuri Naruse Jun Inokuma
ModetrarorKenya Hara


◉Exhibition DirectorKenya HARA
◉CoordinatorSadao TSUCHIYA
◉OrganizerHOUSE VISION Executive Committee
◉ProductionHara Design Institute, Nippon Design Center
◉SupportMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry|Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism|Ministry of the Environment
◉Exhibition DesignKengo KUMA
◉Participating Company・ArchitectLIXIL×Toyo ITO|Honda×Sou FUJIMOTO|Sumitomo Forestry×Hiroshi SUGIMOTO|MUJI×Shigeru BAN|TOTO・ YKK AP×Yuri NARUSE・Jun INOKUMA|TSUTAYA BOOKS×Real Tokyo Estate“Society For the Research of Future Living” [MEC eco LIFE (MITSUBISHI ESTATE Group)|Mitsui Fudosan Residential|Nomura Real Estate Development|MISAWA HOMES|TOSHIBA|ROHM|KDDI R&D Laboratories|Nippon Paint|SHOWA AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY]×Riken YAMAMOTO, Hirokazu SUEMITSU and Toshiharu NAKA
◉Vertical GreeningSUNTORY MIDORIE×Makoto AZUMA
◉FurnitureCassina ixc.
◉Exhibition and venue layoutTSP TAIYO
◉CooperatorsMUJI|Sumitomo Forestry|LIXIL|TOTO|Nippon Paint|TOSHIBA|SunM Color|TAKEO|CERA Trading|YKK Fastening Products|Codomo Energy|Vicor Entertainment|Nacasa & Partners|Nippon Design Center
◉Associated shopsDaikanyama TSUTAYA BOOKS|Starbucks Coffee Japan|Gentaro Soba
◉ContactHOUSE VISION Office info@house-vision.jp